this is definitely longer than 140 characters

I’ve had a Twitter for a few years now, but I never really used it other than posting essay page lengths to my <50 followers. It was more for me than it was for them because when it’s four in the morning and you’re alone writing thirty pages, you want to try to tell someone–just to put it out there. It never occurred to me to use Twitter and its little tricks in order to gain more followers and become more known.

I’ve been watching videos about Twitter on Udemy, and one of the things that was said about trending topics that I never thought about is the fact that if you see a topic that is trending, you can tweet about it solely to say “who cares about ____” and even then your tweet will be up there under ‘most recent’ and you may just gain yourself some followers! It’s all about getting into conversations and creating little networks of communication. Paying attention to whatever is trending and putting your own voice into the topics allows for you to maintain yourself as up-to-date, and you can change the location to see what is trending where and take notice of the different trending topics around the country. There’s even a Trendsmap that allows you to visually see all the different hashtags on a map, completely up to date.

Scheduling tweets is something I would do at Poets House all the time–just set up quotes upon quotes of poetry to be tweeted every few hours to keep the Poets House twitter constant. It’s overall helpful because while I spent the summer working there, I scheduled tweets up until the end of November, so even when I was done working there and back at school, I could check their Twitter every few hours and see a line from a poem that I had chosen months ago just pop up there. The most important thing about the scheduling of tweets is to allow for the illusion that you are constantly active, even when you are not. This has always bugged me a bit, because it’s somewhat promoting the idea of people spending all of their time in from of the computer, that that is the only place where they must be at all times, representing themselves. It’s almost like you don’t want people to know that you have a life outside of the computer, because that means that you are giving them less attention, and yet throughout all of this everyone seems to forget that these Twitter accounts are being managed by actual people, so the idea that they are doing nothing other than update their Twitter is an unsettling thought. Maybe it’s just me because Twitter has just never appealed to me. Perhaps it requires too much brevity for me,  but then again, that’s something I need to work at so maybe that 140 character limit isn’t too bad.

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