this particular time

The fact that to be a writer, one of the key things in this day and age is to have an internet presence particularly frustrates me. 100 years ago, every one of these blog posts would have been journal entries that maybe would have been published after my death so those who actually cared could find out more about my own internal processes. But now writers are expected to have a presence. They are expected to be a part of the world. If you are not a part of the world, then why should the world pay any attention to you when there are so many people gasping and begging for attention. It should not be a one or the other situation. It’s difficulty for a writer just to write in obscurity and then attempt to get published and be a part of the world. I’m not saying that participation of the world is not important, but participation should not be the end all be all of the world. The world is created by stepping back and framing. Without the illusion of stepping back how can you know what is real? 


Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate

Bill Nye and Ken Ham Evolution/Creationism Debate

So I don’t know if anyone watched this tonight, but this was, to use a word that Bill Nye used several times, unsettling. The amount of laughter at Ken Ham’s comments are heartbreaking. And at least Bill Nye accounts for human error. And allows for the split between religion and science. Ham wants to push everything in the world into God. And at this point, in 2014, one would have thought that we were past this. 

And the fact that Bill Nye repeatedly says “I don’t know”/”We don’t know” is great! What is wrong with admitting something you do not know yet want to find out? The amount that Ham says “There is a book out there” and people laugh..

And if no one knows why they’re here then why bother. Ham asks this. It’s like he’s keeping himself from the existential crisis that awaits him. 

Also the amount of times that he addresses the multiple retranslations of the Bible and Ham does not address this..this is one of the most important claims. This whole debate is not about faith. They are not arguing about whether or not God exists. This country, as must as I hate to use a cliche like this, was founded on the separation of church and state. That is why they can never agree. They are arguing about two different things. This isn’t a question of faith. It’s a question of human accomplishment and participation in the world and what that participation results in.