Six or Seven Petals

Something you wouldn’t recognize.
Crookedly the cat walks and trips
over lily pads he yanks out himself. 

Overtures are overrated
Symphonies of silence are no longer for
the common folk. 

Is it better for the bumblebee
to die alone?
Just one with all.

Walking in water is more comfortable,
as is taking the train. But we must take the train,
let it run us over, and conduct.

What if plants could handle more than one beer?
All flowers smoke cigarettes. All mushrooms
get high. Everything has trouble sleeping.

3×3 seems too small, but three is
a phenomenal number. Well, aren’t they all?
Suppose it depends on a memory.

Names only reveal if another speaks, but
the audience never knows. They hear music
when beat and tempo mean the same thing.

So many stories about looking back,
no one said anything about moving backwards whilst staring
straight ahead. 


-Marina Manoukian





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