Paradoxical Dostoevsky by Gary Saul Morson

If Dostoevsky has ever flashed through your mind as an interest, I highly recommend giving the article Paradoxical Dostoevsky by Gary Saul Morson; one of the most eloquent and illustrative pieces I have read written about Dostoevsky. And for my own purposes, it creates a phenomenal stepping stone for comparing Dostoevsky and Nietzsche in a new and playful… Continue reading Paradoxical Dostoevsky by Gary Saul Morson


now what is the word for it?

comfort the word rings like a summers bird at 4:33 in the morning right before gulls will leave and bird may migrate if they so choose. sleep comes to those who know what to expect what is just as it should be. a shoulder is only a shoulder if it’s there. a bed is a… Continue reading now what is the word for it?

working at a call center

At every moment you can feel yourself slowly dying. That’s not depressing, that’s just how it is. But environment and your perception of said environment affects the degree to which one feels this inevitable decomposition. On a balcony staring at green treetops, pleased with the illusion of a luscious jungle despite the fact that the… Continue reading working at a call center

under what definition shall we call these lines?

the levels of apathy are at astronomical levels. it’s almost as though the alliteration makes it tolerable. oops. there went the alliteration. asking three times. it’s always three times. sometimes the going back and forth is the most frustrating thing. but then again, i’ve spent so much time in absolutes, that it only makes sense… Continue reading under what definition shall we call these lines?

A Perspective on a Perspective on the Perspectives of Tolstoy

There lies a certain difficulty in writing the biography of any one person; one must create a cohesive narrative, from beginning to end, describing the life of this person, and perhaps even attempt to describe the thoughts of this person that may have led to any particular action. When there is so much information at… Continue reading A Perspective on a Perspective on the Perspectives of Tolstoy