Crumbs and Dust

I submitted a proposal to ObjectLessons about Bread Crumbs/Bread Dust. It was passed upon, but then what good would a blog be if notĀ a purgatory forĀ passing over. I started becoming rather invested in my trailing of bread crumbs, so here are the piles I started building up. Bread Crumbs Bread Dust In a vague sense,… Continue reading Crumbs and Dust


It could’ve been funny.

I'm currently still in the process of formulating a routine for myself. Well, I suppose I already have a routine, but it seems necessary to reframe one in which I'm not dreading every waking and sleeping moment. There aren't too many other moments, mind you. Working for 9.5 hours, returning home, sleeping, and then returning… Continue reading It could’ve been funny.