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A piece I wrote on Goethe's Faust was published in Empty Mirror. Here's a link; hope the humans of the internet enjoy. The Necessity of Tragedy—How What Goethe Played with is Still Entirely Relevant


“I need to read that”

I. Last night my father and I watched Mulholland Drive together. Afterwards, standing at opposing ends of the kitchen, we fell into a conversation regarding the extent of interpretation one can carry out in regards to the film; and later in the conversation, in regards to paintings and literature. I’m not the biggest cheerleader for… Continue reading “I need to read that”

Giving orders, and acting on them

A: Stand up! B—chin up, prick ears towards the break in silence. to stand: to have or maintain an upright position. up: a direction, a coordinate, a position unbend legs and push against foundation. In another room, C sets up a chain of 63 dominos in one straight line. D notices this and gently taps… Continue reading Giving orders, and acting on them