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Bella Ciao — Բելա չաո

I couldn't find a version of 'Bella Ciao' in Armenian so I translated it. Էս առավոտը ես վեր կացա Օ Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո, չաո , չաո ! Էս առավոտը ես վեր կացա եւ ես գտա զավթչին Օ պարտիզան, ինձ վերցրեք ստեղից օ Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո, չաո , չաո !… Continue reading Bella Ciao — Բելա չաո

To bite or to bet, that is the question

If you haven’t yet read The Unbitten Elbow by Sigizmund Krzhizhanovksy, please do so here if you’re going to read the following piece. If you have no interest in reading the following piece, I still insist that you refer to the link above and read The Unbitten Elbow. The Unbitten Elbow is perhaps the third… Continue reading To bite or to bet, that is the question

80 Books Rebecca Solnit Shouldn’t Talk About

Recently, Rebecca Solnit published a short essay in response to Esquire’s list of “The 80 Best Books Every Man Should Read”. The list itself isn’t great; it doesn’t list the best collection of authors and the tagline with each book degrades the text more than exalts them. I understand the need to criticize the list… Continue reading 80 Books Rebecca Solnit Shouldn’t Talk About

this is a vague sort of survey

I know I haven't posted anything new or of any importance lately, but I wanted to get a few different opinions on this word problem I've been thinking about. Two words; romance and intimacy. Two definitions; "physical closeness and togetherness" and "mental closeness and togetherness". Which goes with which? If anyone could offer their opinion… Continue reading this is a vague sort of survey

scene 0.01

Tragedy exists so man can watch man self-destruct so that he does not have to. During life, man is both an actor and a spectator. Theatre and plays remove the necessity for man’s participation, rending him above all the spectator. With literature, with the written text, man does not get off so lightly. He is… Continue reading scene 0.01

A Solitaire Game

  A game by definition, but its spirit is expressed in the name; Solitaire, solitary. No one else is needed. The only faces you stare at are royalty. Shuffling can almost be considered the most important part of the game. However I shuffle and how well I randomize the deck will determine how the cards… Continue reading A Solitaire Game

“I need to read that”

I. Last night my father and I watched Mulholland Drive together. Afterwards, standing at opposing ends of the kitchen, we fell into a conversation regarding the extent of interpretation one can carry out in regards to the film; and later in the conversation, in regards to paintings and literature. I’m not the biggest cheerleader for… Continue reading “I need to read that”

Crumbs and Dust

I submitted a proposal to ObjectLessons about Bread Crumbs/Bread Dust. It was passed upon, but then what good would a blog be if not a purgatory for passing over. I started becoming rather invested in my trailing of bread crumbs, so here are the piles I started building up. Bread Crumbs Bread Dust In a vague sense,… Continue reading Crumbs and Dust