Poetry & Prose


Line of FuckingPunch Drunk Press

1. When I is said, what’s pointed at?– MUSH/MUM Issue #4

It’s easy not to think about when you’re not thinking about it– Rat’s Ass Review Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2015)

‘noticeably bare’
‘sparkling red wine’
‘now what is the word for it?’ — ginosko Issue #15 Summer/Fall 2014

In an attempt to rationalize…
sounds and silence — 
Down in the Dirt Mar/Apr 2014

The Worlds — Semaphore Magazine December 2007



Language Is Skin Deep–A Glance at Metaphorical Beauty
-Beauty Around the World: A Cultural Encyclopedia (2017)

The Necessity of Tragedy—How What Goethe Played with is Still Entirely Relevant— Empty Mirror Books-October 10th, 2014

All poetry and prose © Marina Manoukian

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