To bite or to bet, that is the question

If you haven’t yet read The Unbitten Elbow by Sigizmund Krzhizhanovksy, please do so here if you’re going to read the following piece. If you have no interest in reading the following piece, I still insist that you refer to the link above and read The Unbitten Elbow. The Unbitten Elbow is perhaps the third… Continue reading To bite or to bet, that is the question


scene 0.01

Tragedy exists so man can watch man self-destruct so that he does not have to. During life, man is both an actor and a spectator. Theatre and plays remove the necessity for man’s participation, rending him above all the spectator. With literature, with the written text, man does not get off so lightly. He is… Continue reading scene 0.01

It could’ve been funny.

I'm currently still in the process of formulating a routine for myself. Well, I suppose I already have a routine, but it seems necessary to reframe one in which I'm not dreading every waking and sleeping moment. There aren't too many other moments, mind you. Working for 9.5 hours, returning home, sleeping, and then returning… Continue reading It could’ve been funny.

HIMYM Series Finale– and I don’t usually spend this much writing about television

I'm a fan of television, Netflix especially, and that is not to say that I spend my time watching reality shows. I enjoy shows that actually create a world, create characters that act apart from the authorial hand. Shows like House of Cards and True Detective show me that this can be masterfully accomplished when… Continue reading HIMYM Series Finale– and I don’t usually spend this much writing about television