just a little something

A piece I wrote on Goethe’s Faust was published in Empty Mirror. Here’s a link; hope the humans of the internet enjoy.

The Necessity of Tragedy—How What Goethe Played with is Still Entirely Relevant


2 thoughts on “just a little something”

  1. As a director myself (and a fan of Faust, drama and operas), this essay is most welcome. I went to a lecture last year with Jonathan Kalb on his book “Great Lengths: Seven Works of Marathon Theater”, which discusses Faust Parts I and II and its immense meta-theatricality. I hope to stage it someday.

    1. Very glad that you enjoyed it! It’s such an incredible drama because of it’s ability to exist in writing and on stage, in my opinion. I would enjoy to see your representation if you ever get a chance.

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