Bella Ciao — Բելա չաո

I couldn't find a version of 'Bella Ciao' in Armenian so I translated it. Էս առավոտը ես վեր կացա Օ Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո, չաո , չաո ! Էս առավոտը ես վեր կացա եւ ես գտա զավթչին Օ պարտիզան, ինձ վերցրեք ստեղից օ Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո! Բելա չաո, չաո , չաո !… Continue reading Bella Ciao — Բելա չաո

scene 0.01

Tragedy exists so man can watch man self-destruct so that he does not have to. During life, man is both an actor and a spectator. Theatre and plays remove the necessity for man’s participation, rending him above all the spectator. With literature, with the written text, man does not get off so lightly. He is… Continue reading scene 0.01

the act of writing from notebook to macbook

When writing on a sheet of paper with a piece of pencil, it is close to impossible to see the image of one’s reflection on that sheet of paper. One may even be writing in an attempt to articulate said image. On a type writer, the keys may shine enough to offer glimmers of a… Continue reading the act of writing from notebook to macbook

Aiming the arrow–why write

The other morning I started filling in/out an application. It never occurred to me that both those directions would be appropriate. Regardless. The application was for a writing mentorship. I wasn't particularly interested in it, but I started filling it with the thought that, "Hey, if I finish it, I might as well turn it… Continue reading Aiming the arrow–why write

under what definition shall we call these lines?

the levels of apathy are at astronomical levels. it’s almost as though the alliteration makes it tolerable. oops. there went the alliteration. asking three times. it’s always three times. sometimes the going back and forth is the most frustrating thing. but then again, i’ve spent so much time in absolutes, that it only makes sense… Continue reading under what definition shall we call these lines?

Six or Seven Petals

Something you wouldn’t recognize.Crookedly the cat walks and tripsover lily pads he yanks out himself. Overtures are overratedSymphonies of silence are no longer forthe common folk. Is it better for the bumblebeeto die alone?Just one with all.Walking in water is more comfortable,as is taking the train. But we must take the train,let it run us over, and… Continue reading Six or Seven Petals